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Classes and Teams

Competitive Teams

We offer Competitive Teams for children ages 5-18 and all skill levels.

We offer NON-Competitive Exhibition Teams for ages 2-5.

All Team Members will receive UNLIMITED TUMBLING Classes at NO additional charge.

Tumbling Classes

We offer one (1) day a week classes, two (2) day a week classes, and UNLIMITED classes.

We offer a 6:00pm and a 7:00pm Tumbling Class Monday through Thursday.

We offer Tumbling Instruction to children 4 and up and levels 1-5. We also offer beginning Tumbling Instruction for children 2-5, including Mommy and Me classes.

Our Tumbling Classes are 55 minutes long and offer a flexible schedule. For instance if your child is registered for (1) one class per week, that gives them (4) four classes per month and can be taken any time or day within that month to make sure your child does not miss a class due to scheduling conflicts they might have.


Q: What is the time commitment for my child if she does team?

A: Included in the team tuition is a 2-2.5 hour weekend practice (June through April), a 2.5 hour weekday practice, and a 2 hour team tumbling practice (year round).

Legends Cheer Academy II offers UNLIMITED Tumbling classes to all of our team members at no additional charge, although the extra tumbling classes will help improve their skills they are NOT mandatory.

Q: My Child has never cheered before, do you have a team for her/him?

A: Yes. We have 8 teams including Tiny Exhibition, Youth, Junior, and Senior Teams Level 1-4, and Special Needs. We cater to children ages 2 and up and all skill levels.

Q: How many out of state competitions do your teams go to?

A: We generally stay local. We are lucky enough to have some of the biggest and best competitions right downtown at the Convention Center. If we go out of state, it will be within a couple of hour radius from our facility and no overnight stay/hotel is required.

Q: My child is involved with school cheer/other activities will this conflict?

Generally scheduling conflicts can be worked out. We allow team members to split practices. We do make the week before a competition mandatory, to ensure our teams are ready and at their best.